Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute MARINTEK is a research company in the SINTEF Group, delivering marine technology research and development services. Clients include leading national and international companies and authorities. MARINTEK operates subsidiaries in Houston/USA - MARINTEK (USA) Inc., and in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil - MARINTEK do Brasil Ltda., serving the oil and gas industry. MARINTEK, together with the Department of Marine Technology at the Norwegian University of science and Technology (NTNU), constitutes the Marine Technology Centre in Trondheim. The collaboration between the University and MARINTEK largely enhances quality of commercial projects and teaching programs. MARINTEK's business areas include shipping, shipbuilding, offshore and marine industry. Laboratory facilities: Ocean basin, Ship model tank, Cavitations tunnel, Machinery laboratory, Marine structures laboratory. Knowledge Development MARINTEK and Department of Marine Technology at NTNU have an integrated collaboration related to development of basic knowledge in shipping and offshore sector. The Department and MARINTEK share common laboratories, MARINTEK personnel are involved in teaching as assistant Professors at the University and scientific personnel at the University are jointly involved in R&D project at MARINTEK. MARINTEK being a leading R&D institute over the last decades, and the strong relation to NTNU in basic research and knowledge development has been and will be a key for the future global position in the maritime and offshore fields. Marine Structures MARINTEK is sponsoring a professorship in Marine Structures. The chair is responsible for teaching and research within Marine Structures, with particular emphasis on structural analysis, life-time modeling of dynamically loaded structures, and applications of the finite element method. The holder of the chair is responsible for co-operation with MARINTEK on the operation of the Marine Structures laboratory, with large activities on static and dynamic testing of marine structures, including flexible risers, umbilicals and similar slender structures. MARINTEK is recognized internationally for its capabilities in development of methods and tools for the industry, as well as its capabilities in doing analysis and testing of marine structures. Students with Master degree and PhD from NTNU have been recruited to MARINTEK and to the industry which have become global leading companies.