Olympic Shipping and STX Europe

Olympic Shipping and VARD sponsor a Professorate in environment at Høgskolen i Ålesund. The professorate shall contribute to encourage further development of the future's "green" ships. Both Olympic Shipping and VARD have had a strong focus on environment throughout the entire life cycle of the ship, from design to construction to operations of the vessel.

An important task for this Professorate will be to make use of research results from the research environments and companies from all over the world and turn them into practical solutions on board ships.

Olympic Shipping : The Olympic group of companies is an owner and operator of offshore- and fishing vessels. The companies are located in Fosnavåg on the West Coast of Norway. Olympic Shipping AS was founded in 1996 by captain Stig Remøy together with Bjørn Kvalsund. The company began its operation with 2 offshore vessels; MV Olympic Commander and MV Olympic Supplier and the deep sea trawler FT Olympic Prawn. The group now has a fleet of 15 offshore vessels including 1 newbuilding, 1 research vessel, 1 krill vessel and 2 modern deep sea trawlers.